Female electrician finds knives on bed and cannabis farm in eerie ‘void house’

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A self-employed electrician went viral on TikTok after entering an eerie home harbouring a cannabis farm that had knives left on the bed and camping fans switched on.

Kamile Macijauskaite, 26, entered the property for an electrical safety inspection after the property was left vacant by the previous tenant.

It was not confirmed to the London-based TikToker why the property was left vacant – but the creepy interior was enough to send a chill down her fans spines.

In the viral video, @kimmythesparks walks around the property that was left in a filthy state shouting "hello" to check if anyone was home.

Thankfully, no one responds but the sight of the knives left out, filled bags of rubbish on the bed sent her ‘#sparkssquad’ into a frenzy as she walked through to a room with camping fans indoors.

The other room also contained a tent, which Kamile has confirmed was a "small cannabis growth operation" as she explained to the Daily Star that these are actually more common in her eight-year career than one might think.

She said: “I have dealt with many crazy scenarios in my career, many homes like this.

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"So at first, I was cautious but decided to proceed once I received no reply when knocking or calling out.

“I had my camera on record just in case. I wasn’t sure what to expect, perhaps someone in need of my help.

“I have visited many awful places, some I have refused to go into before an environmental clean due to my own health and safety.

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“I have had many interesting scenarios also, dealing with a lot of complicated people."

The business owner has taken clients from across England during her career and began documenting her jobs on TikTok to show the reality of being a female electrician.

She added: “I love seeing what jobs are out there, such as the 'can’t pay? We will take it away!'

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“I thought TikTok would be a great platform to bring exposure to an alternative side to being an electrician, especially a lady electrician.”

Her fans have praised her for her bravery in entering homes like the void house which received 268.6k likes.

One user wrote: “The more you watch it the more illegal it gets."

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Another added: “And I get worried about my knickers on the floor when the electrician comes over.”

A third said: “I used to do void inspections like this. You should not be by yourself when discovering one like this.

"Turn around and come back with more people so it's safe next time.”

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