Fears Brit mum, 20, tortured to death in Greece killed by criminal gang

An Albanian gang could have tortured a British mum to death while she was with her baby in Greece, it is feared.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was strangled to death after she and her husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, 32, were tied up by raiders and forced to reveal where their money and jewellery were kept.

There have been at least three other violent burglaries in the upmarket Athens neighbourhood where they lived.

Extreme violence or the threat of it was used in each case, which took place in Glyka Nera in the last six months, and authorities believe the suspects could be Albanian, a police source said.

There are stark similarities between the break-ins and the tragic incident which saw Caroline strangled and a gun pointed at the head of her 11-month-old baby daughter, Lydia.

One, last December, saw four men break into a house and drag a woman by her hair and threaten to slit her throat, the Daily Mail reports.

The gang made off with jewellery and £8,000 in cash – much like the robbery at Caroline's home which saw £20,000 worth of jewellery and £10,000 in banknotes stolen.

Four men were involved in both incidents, and they entered the properties through back windows.

Greece shares a border with Albania and there are said to be more than 200 outstanding arrest warrants for Albanian citizens.

Detectives have now drawn up a so-called 'red list' of violent criminals who are being investigated for links to the fatal robbery.

Officers described seeing Caroline's body tied to a pole where the intruders had tortured her in the family's attic bedroom.

  • Brit mum murdered in Greece buried on island she loved by grieving family

Baby Lydia was "half on her, screaming and hitting her mother with her hands to wake her up".

Reports said Caroline's husband was also tied up with rope and also handcuffed, with tape over his eyes and mouth/

He is believed to have suffered hypoxia – a potentially fatal lack of oxygen – before wriggling free and calling police using his nose in the early hours of Sunday.

  • Baby ‘tried to wake dead mum up’ after she had just been ‘suffocated in raid’

Charalambos told investigators he begged for their lives as the brutal thieves held a gun to his baby's head and demanded to know where they kept their cash and valuables.

Officers think the gang may have been tipped off that the couple had significant amounts of cash hidden in the house.

The three robbers forced their way into the family's house at 4.30am after breaking a CCTV camera and hanging the family's dog by its own lead.

  • Husband of Brit mum tortured and strangled by robbers pleaded with them not to hurt her

A fourth criminal kept watch outside the home as the other three found the couple sleeping with their child in an attic bedroom.

Cops believe the suspects, masked and armed with pistols, broke into the house through a window in the basement after spending several hours observing the family.

Meanwhile, friends and relatives of Caroline travelled to the island of Alonissos on Friday where she was laid to rest at a hilltop cemetery.

The funeral took place in front of hundreds of mourners.

Her parents David Crouch and Susan Dela Cuesta were overcome with grief ahead of the service and were supported by friends and family.

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