Family buys 2,300 toilet rolls as country gripped by coronavirus panic-buying

A bungling family accidentally bought 2,300 toilet rolls while the country is gripped by a coronavirus panic-buying shortage.

Haidee and Chris Janetzki were trying to buy 48 loo rolls but ended up purchasing 48 boxes of 48 – enough to last a whopping 12 years.

The couple now have thousands of rolls stacked up at home as the rest of the country scrabbles to get their hands on any.

Chris said he could not quite believe the size of their order when it arrived.

He said: "At the time I thought, 'Holy crap!’”.

Explaining how the mistake happened, Haidee, from Australia, said: "It asked for the quantity and I wrote 48 thinking I want a box with 48 rolls in it.

"A couple of days later, I got an email saying the order was on the way, and that was all good.

"On a Monday there was a knock at the door at it was the courier. He said, 'I've got two pallets of toilet paper for you.'

"We checked the credit card statement to try to figure out what had gone wrong and turned out I'd ordered 48 boxes, so it was legitimately my mistake.

“We tried to get him to turn around and take it back on the spot, but because the company doesn’t have a phone number only an email address, we couldn’t reach them.

The family of six from Toowomba, Queensland, says the blunder “will take a while to live down”.

Haidee added: "We've told our three daughters that if we've still got all this toilet paper when they get married this is what they'll have as their wedding decorations."

The couple made the mistake after Christmas – before coronavirus sparked a wave of panic-buying.

Britain is also facing a shortage as people stock up to avoid running out during self-isolation.

Shops who bump up prices to cash-in on the coronavirus crisis could face prosecution.

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Chris is a church pastor and his congregation even joked that he saw the toilet roll shortage coming.

He said: "A friend said, 'How prophetic are you to be able to see the future and know there was going to be a toilet paper shortage?'

"We're going to get a laugh out of it for a while."

The mistake has ended up costing them £1,670 instead of £34.

But instead of cashing in, the couple have been flogging the rolls for just £1.33 more with the cash going to a local school.

The ethical company they bought the rolls from, Who Gives a Crap?, has now also offered to take some back.

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