Exact date Britain will see 18cm of snow and be hit with -6C freeze

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures are set to hit the UK by the end of the month.

Forecasters have warned that a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event is taking place and could soon affect Britain.

Brutal conditions could include temperatures plummeting to -6C and severe snow fall.

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The latest weather maps show the exact date that Britons should brace themselves for.

The Met Office said: "A major Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event is now taking place and could hit the country later this month.

"This blocking high pressure can lead to cold, dry weather in the north of Europe, including the UK, with mild, wet and windy conditions more likely for southern areas of the continent."

Now the latest UK weather maps are showing heavy snow and a bitterly cold snap could batter large parts of the country towards the end of this month.

The map begins turning icy white on February 25, with Scotland forecast to be blanketed in snow and intensified towards the end of that weekend with 5cm of snow set to fall.

This grows slightly heavier on February 27, with 5-8cm of snow forecast to hit north of the border as temperatures also begin to plummet.

But the worst is yet to come, with a heavy barrage of snow to hit the country just 24 hours later that could see western and northern parts of Scotland buried in 12-16cm of snow.

The threat of snow also now spreads into large parts of England on February 28, as far down as the north-west and Wales.

However, it gets even worse as March gets underway, with the weather maps showing up to 18cm (seven inches) of snow is set to smother a large area of Scotland, with northern England also at risk of a dusting.

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Minimum temperatures maps also show the mercury could sink to low as -5C on February 28 and even lower to -6C 24 hours later on March 1.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Lauren Hyde told the Daily Express: "If a period of stratospheric warming occurs toward the middle of next week, temperatures could get chilly across the UK for a time late this month, especially during overnight periods.

"This is because during these periods of stratospheric warming, cold air tends to get displaced from the arctic.

“This air, if displaced, could bring some snow in the hills, higher terrain and other typically colder spots. However, confidence remains rather low at this time as there are some contradicting long range guidance.

"It is still too early to know specifics as to how cold temperatures could get, however should a period of stratospheric warming occur, arctic air could push into the region, bringing temperatures below 0C in some high elevation locations.

She added: "The highest probability of snow exists in Scotland during the late month time period, with some snow also possible in some of the hills and higher elevations of England and Wales. It is still too soon to know exactly how much snow will fall however."


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