Ex-cop who exposed Jimmy Savile ‘to dismiss inaccuracies’ on Nicola Bulley case

An ex-cop who exposed Jimmy Savile will launch a new probe into the disappearance of Nicola Bulley.

Mark Williams-Thomas, 53, who also investigated Madeleine McCann kidnap suspect Christian Brueckner, is heading to St Michael's on Wyre this week in a bid to uncover what may have happened to Ms Bulley when she went missing on January 27.

The detective-turned-TV presenter said: "I will be spending time up in St Michael's on Wyre next week to pull together a quick turn around report of what exactly is known about the disappearance of Nicola Bulley.

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"I will explore all the options, bring you a factual evidence analysis and dismiss some of the inaccuracies."

The former detective is also hoping to rule out some of the speculation touted by conspiracy theorists online.

Lancashire Police currently believe the mum-of-two, 45, fell into the River Wyre while walking her dog shortly after 9:20am on the morning of her disappearance, but have admitted there is no evidence to prove this is the case.

Speaking of the investigation, Superintendent Sally Riley told the Sunday Times earlier this month that cops had found “no evidence of a slip or fall”.

“I think if it had been a sloping bank, a common-sense view would be that you would expect to find scuff marks," she added.

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And while Mr Williams-Thomas is hoping to shed some light on the incident, he will have to do so without forensic evidence from the site after police didn't cordon off the scene.

Despite an 11-year career with Surrey Police, the detective is better known for the investigations he performed on TV after leaving the force.

He began investigating celeb paedophile Savile in 2011 after learning Surrey Police had investigated him in the late 2000s and presented the documentary The Other Side of Jimmy Savile in 2012.

And in a damning comment on Saturday (January 11), Williams-Thomas said he would have treated the case of Ms Bulley's disappearance differently from day one.

He said: "This would now be a critical incident being dealt with as suspicious, if it had been down to me.

"Within 48 hours I would have treated this in the same fashion as a murder or abduction. I think police have been right to say they have an open mind – the problem that they have got is that they also said it wasn’t criminal."

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The news comes after a witness reported seeing two "suspicious" men walking along the route where Ms Bulley vanished as police combed through CCTV from the 24-hour period prior to her disappearance.

The men were reportedly spotted outside a church and one of them is understood to have been seen along the route where Ms Bulley was walking her dog, Willow, that morning.


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