EU revolt: Growing number of Europeans ‘impressed’ by Brexit sparks Brussels panic

Nigel Farage makes prediction for the future of EU

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The European Union will cease to exist within ten years, according to Nigel Farage. Speaking to Fox Business, the former Brexit Party leader said that Brexit’s success will become a model for other European countries “impressed” by Britain’s life outside of the EU. He said that many in Europe were looking on in jealousy after much of the EU scaremongering about Brexit failed to materialise.

Mr Farage said: “We are out, we are free, the deal may not be perfect but it’s a lot better than it was before.

“There is now a 70 percent approval rating for Brexit now. And the rest of the Europe is looking at that too!

“Now they see Britain is doing well with Brexit, the overall European project itself, I don’t believe this globalist project will even exist in ten years time.”

This comes amid growing tension between Britain and the EU, with many insiders warning that “bitter” Brussels will try to punish UK for years to come.

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Whitehall officials believe tensions will continue to crop up because Brussels is struggling to adjust to the fact it has a genuine competitor on its doorstep.

Sources say the EU has deliberately bandied around threats in rows over fishing rights and vaccines as the first port of call in the skirmishes.

Brexit minister Lord Frost has told colleagues not to rise to their bait when there are issues with the UK-EU trade agreement.

On Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show, the new DUP leader Edwin Poots accused the European Union of treating Northern Ireland as a political “plaything”.

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He said: “This is the European Union seeking to punish the UK and, as a consequence, Northern Ireland is being used as a plaything.

“I can assure you, Northern Ireland should be nobody’s plaything.”

He urged the UK government to consider invoking Article 16 of the protocol, which allows either side to suspend any part of the agreement that causes “economic, societal or environmental difficulties”.


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President of Generation Frexit, a campaign dedicated to removing France from the European Union in the same way as Brexit, Charles-Henris Gallois has recently argued the anti-EU movement will keep on growing.

During an interview with, Mr Gallois said the desire for Frexit will grow if France’s President Emmanuel Macron continues to give powers to the European Union.

He insisted France would also receive bad social and economic reforms from the bloc, further pushing the Frexit movement.

Later in his Fox Business interview, Mr Farage reflected the collapse of the Labour Party.

He said: “Labour became a globalist party, opposed to Brexit, wholly unconcerned by open borders.

“And then they became the party of cancel culture and they have tried to eradicate the country’s history and teach children they should be ashamed of who they are.

“Working class Britons feel alienated by the new socialist internationalist Labour Party and they have deserted it. Socialism is dead.”

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