‘Envious’ beautician hurled friend’s baby girl off 130ft balcony to her death

A beautician threw a friend’s baby girl 130ft to her death from a high rise apartment block in Moscow.

Daria Shavelkina, 31, was “envious” of Yaroslava Korolyova, 30, who had a loving husband and happy family life, a court heard.

She was jailed for 17 years and ordered to pay £49,500 in compensation to the dead girl's mother.

Shavelkina was pregnant when she had met the other woman at her home to collect secondhand baby clothes.

When Yaroslava turned away, the Clarins cosmetics consultant picked up the two-month old girl and flung her out of the window.

There had been no quarrel between the friends before the incident, said reports of the criminal investigation.

The tragic mother rushed down 13 floors but her baby was motionless after landing on a hard surface in the yard, according to eyewitnesses.

Paramedics pronounced the child dead.

Yaroslava, who has two other children, was “in deep shock” and required urgent medical assistance.

Shavelkina was detained and told police that she had ‘heard voices in her head’ instructing her to throw the baby to her death.

She claimed that she was mentally ill.

But the court ruled that she had “faked” schizophrenia to seek to avoid responsibility for the December murder after psychiatric experts at the Serbsky Centre had examined her .

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Investigative Committee official Yulia Ivanova said: "A comprehensive examination was held at the Serbsky (Centre).

“They did not find any evidence (of mental illness). According to the experts, the woman simulated the disease.”

Instead she was viewed as 'envious' of her friend's happy family life.

Shavelkina gave birth to her child while in custody.

She was convicted to the murder of a minor, a crime that has a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail.

"The Moscow City Court issued a guilty verdict in a criminal case against 31-year-old resident of the Moscow region Daria Shavelkina,” said the city prosecutor office.

“The court sentenced her to 17 years in prison in a general regime correctional colony.”

Shavelkina was ordered to pay 5 million roubles (£49,500) compensation to the parents of the deceased girl.

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