End of the world WARNING: ‘Hidden codes’ predicting 2021 apocalypse cracked by scholars

Rabbis, priests, mathematicians and professors have now claimed to have uncovered hidden codes in the ancient hidden codes. Christianity and Judaism both share the first five books of the Bible.

The books also make up the Torah which are known as the five books of Moses.

Apparently, within the original Hebrew versions of the sacred texts, secret messages are left by God.

The codes are said to be premonitions of the future which have included the election of US President Donald Trump.

The texts have also included warnings about the Holocaust, 9/11 and the shooting down of the Ukranian airliner by Iran.

The codes have also predicted the end of times and the coming of the Jewish Messiah in 2021.

According to keepthefaith.co.uk, the hidden code is said to be cracked by mathematically selecting letters from the texts which appear to create words which can be read as prophecies.

A documentary called ‘The Torah Codes: End to Darkness’ by Richard Shaw, has also helped popularise the theory.

The film, which is available to stream on Amazon Prime, reveals the ongoing efforts by various academics.

They said in the film that the code us “real and mathematically provable” and “filled with information about what is happening today”.

One particular Rabbi regularly uploads his findings to YouTube which offers insight into world events.

The Rabbi is called Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, and features in Mr Shaw’s film.

The academic has more than 10,000 subscribers and uploads videos daily.

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His latest video using the computer algorithm has recently uploaded videos showing cryptic codes which suggest Iran could create a nuclear weapon in 2020.

He claims that the ancient text says that the phrase “Iran Atomic” and the year 2020 – 5780 in the Hebrew calendar – are seen next to one another.

His latest video predicts that the end of times are predicted for 2021.

He said that the prediction can be found in the Book of Leviticus.

Rabbi Glazerson said in his latest video on January 24: “It is a very interesting and significant table.

“Hoping we will soon have Messiah coming and he will finish and burn out the enemies of Israel.

“And then peace and quiet will come to the whole world.”

Torah Codes filmmaker Shaw died last June at the age of 65 while he was investigating the Torah and other mythical secrets linked to Judaism.

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