Elon Musk suggests he supports legalising cocaine as ‘alcohol is a drug’ too

Twitter chief Elon Musk suggested that he supports legalising hard drugs in a bizzare tweet, before people suggested it's time for 'lines' of cocaine at the company's HQ.

Musk, 51, was responding to an article by The Economist that supported the legalisation, stating that the 'costs of prohibition outweigh the benefits'.

"Joe Biden is too timid: It's time to legalise cocaine", was the title of the article about the Class A substance.

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Musk then weighed in, saying that banning alcohol was 'dumb' and that the 'same logic applies to other drugs'.

His tweet this morning (Friday, December 30) read: "Banning alcohol caused the biggest rise in organised crime in American history.

"That was dumb. Same logic applies to other drugs. Alcohol is just a legacy drug."

A follower replied: "We all doing lines at Twitter hq if it happens?"

Elon then responded: "I am not endorsing drugs, but I am saying that the evidence suggests that banning them is a net societal negative.

"To assess if a drug is good, whether legal or illegal, the acid test is being able to say: [blank] made me a better person."

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He then conceded that "cocaine does not meet that test".

He later agreed with a tweet that read: "Regulation and taxation are a far better path. It will have a net harm reduction and take profits away from organised crime."

But despite support for his ideas, a lot disagreed too. One man said: "Are the tent cities sprawling across California evidence of the net positive of legalizing hard drugs?"

Another said: "It is so questionable to allow hard core poison to be legal like the most incorrectly pronounced drug in history, Fentanyl. Just look at the northern west coast cities."

A third said: "Legalizing poisons like fentanyl, heroin, meth, or cocaine will totally destroy America."


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