Elon Musk SNUBBED by Bill Gates as Microsoft founder shuns Tesla sparking bitter feud

Elon Musk hit out at Bill Gates on Twitter following the Microsoft founder choosing to buy an electric car from a different manufacturer. The Tesla CEO went on to label Mr Gates “underwhelming”. Speaking to Marques Brownlee in a YouTube interview, Mr Gates said: “Certainly Tesla, if you had to name one company that’s helped drive that, it’s them.

“All the car companies including some other new ones are moving fast to do electric cars.

“The biggest concern is will the consumers overcome their range anxiety.

“Just got a Porsche Taycan, which is an electric car, and I have to say, it’s a premium-priced car but yeah, it is very very cool.”

Prices for the model start at £83,000 in the UK ($103,000).

By contrast, the Tesla Model 3 starts at £42,000 ($40,000).

While the Tesletter, an unofficial Tesla account, hit out at Mr Gates for plugging the Taycan instead of Tesla in the interview.

The fan account wrote: “I was disappointed when Bill mentioned range anxiety. 99 percent of the days when you do a commute that is less than 200+ miles you don’t have to spend time charging.

“I’m disappointed because a lot of people are going to watch the interview and they are going to trust Bill’s word for it and not even consider electric vehicles. Why? Because Bill Gates is a really smart guy!”

Elon Musk then responded: “My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming to be honest.”

It comes as Tesla Model X auto-braking system miraculously saves family from Storm Dennis tree crash.

The technology automatically applied the brakes when it detected the tree was within its range, stopping the trunk from hitting the car’s roof by centimetres.

The oak tree landed on the bonnet of the Tesla Model X in a move financial consultant Laurence Sanderson believes saved his family’s life.


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Mr Sanderson was travelling with his wife Anna and three children, who range from between just three to 12 years old.

The car on the other side of the road was another Tesla which also miraculously stopped before the tree landed on its roof.

Both vehicles will need to be written off but Mr Sanderson feels the technology had saved his family from becoming “toast”.

He said his wife was battered and bruised but confirmed everyone were otherwise completely unscathed in what he described as a miracle.

Mr Musk commented on Twitter: “Glad you’re all ok!”

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