Elle Brooke’s ‘10,000 calorie challenge’ sees her devour Colin the Caterpillar

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has revealed she did a "10,000 calorie challenge" in the wake of her victory over Faith Ordway, in her second boxing match.

Elle, who recently turned 25 two days before her fight against TikTok star Faith Ordway, was triumphant against the American with a TKO in the first round in London's OVO Arena.

The adult star took to Instagram minutes after her impressive win to send a message to her haters.

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Captioning images of her celebrating in the ring, she wrote: “They will still hate, but the real ones now know I am here to stay.”

And on Sunday (January 15), she revealed her massive eating session, as she gave a peek into her post-fight recovery routine.

"I have eaten a whole M&S caterpillar cake, an Indian takeaway, a fry up, what else have I eaten? I've eaten my body weight in food, probably done a 10,000 calorie challenge," she said on her Instagram stories.

In a later video she said that the cake was 2,830 calories alone, and she "smashed" it in 16 hours.

"I didn't have a fork in the hotel room, I was literally eating it with my bare hands like a caveman," she added.

Within seconds of winning her second-ever boxing match, Elle took to the microphone on the main stage at the OVO Arena in London and challenged long-time rival Astrid Wett – as well as praising her newly-fallen opponent.

She said: “Guys, that is what you call a TKO.

“You guys are lucky to see the best two influencer boxers in that ring tonight – me No 1, Faith No 2.

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“There's a big gap between one and two then.”

Elle actually tore a strip off Astrid during the weigh-in earlier this week.

Astrid was on-site to interview all the boxers involved in the DAZN event, including Elle.

But Elle was having none of it and said: “Sorry you are a f***ing clout chaser.

“And you jump on any f***ing bandwagon that you can and you know it. You dropped out of our fight because you were scared.

“You used that as an excuse then called me all the names for coming out in lingerie and done it yourself just weeks after.”

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