Elle Brooke says she ‘has no social life’ and moans about getting ‘f*****g hate’

Elle Brooke has revealed she gets "so much f***ing hate" as she shares with followers what she gets up to in her spare time.

The stunning OnlyFans model regularly hosts Q&As on her Instagram story and yesterday (February 4) was asked what films she likes to watch to relax.

However, the two-time boxing champ said she doesn't get much time for movies as her life is so hectic.

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“To be honest I don’t really get that much time to relax because as soon as I have been training, like now, I come home, and then I get ready, and then I have other things to do like TikToks or photos or YouTube interviews," she told her followers.

"Like my life is so 100 miles an hour, but doing not that much.

“I live a really simple life, it just revolves around work, boxing – like I literally have barely any social life – and my dogs.”

In another clip Elle was praised by a follower for her can-do attitude.

"Your a strong woman with a great look and mindset. I love it!!! [sic]," the fan wrote, to which Elle responded: "Aww, thank you so much!

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“I do have a strong mindset because if I listened to all of the hate – and I get so much f***ing hate on the internet – where would I be?

“People telling me like, ‘you shouldn’t box’, ‘you shouldn’t do this’, ‘you’ve fallen off’ […] what would I ever do if I listened to anyone?

“I’m very driven in that sense that I don’t care what people think.

"If anything the hate just drives me to do better because I’m like, 'f*** you, I’m gonna prove to you I can do something with my life and I will be the person you don’t expect me to be.'"

Elle has just started training for her next boxing match after beating out Faith Ordway in her second-ever time in the ring.

So far undefeated in the ring, Elle will go on to face her next opponent some time in the spring, although it is unclear who she'll be up against.

While Elle has claimed she won't fight her long-time nemesis Astrid Wett any time soon, she did threaten to defeat both her and former boxing rival AJ Bunker in the same night after the pair announced they would face off on March 4.

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Taking to Twitter, Elle said: "Let me fight them both in the same night with a 30 minute interval."

Some fans had other ideas, however.

One tweeted: "Make love not war… just have a threesome."


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