Elephant stabbed owner to death and ripped body in half as it worked in the heat

A fed-up elephant ripped its owner in half after it was forced to carry wood in excessive heat.

The animal, named Pom Pam, is said to have stabbed Supachai Wongfaed, 32, to death with its tusks after it turned "crazy" due to the temperatures.

Police were called to a rubber plantation in Phang Nga, Thailand, and discovered his lifeless body in a pool of blood on Wednesday (August 18).

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Pom Pam, who is aged 20, had been lifting rubberwood before the elephant turned on its owner and carried out the deadly attack.

Asian elephants sometimes are used to carry logs and wood in forested areas and have been labelled as "logging elephants."

However, the cruel practice happens in some areas of the country, despite it being banned in Thailand in 1989.

The horrific incident comes in the wake of scorching temperatures which has reached as high as 89 degrees Fahrenheit in recent days.

Investigators suspect that the animal snapped because of this, reports Thaiger.

They said the elephant was still hovering over Wongfaed's body when they arrived to the scene of the incident.

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The owner has since been identified as the son of the former Khok Charoen subdistrict mayor Thawon Wongfaed.

Duncan McNair, CEO of Save The Asian Elephants, told Newsweek: "[It] is yet another stark reminder that Asian elephants are and always remain wild animals that can attack and kill when they are abused or overly stressed by humans.

"They suffer deeply, psychologically as well as physically, when broken and forced into constant severe toil in logging and related activities.

"Save The Asian Elephants has abundant evidence of approaching 2,000 human deaths and catastrophic injuries caused by captive elephants brutalized in unnatural forced activities including tourism."

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