Eight dead after plane crashes into apartment block in fiery inferno

A small plane has crashed into several buildings with eight people thought to have been killed.

The collision took place in the Colombian city of Medellin with all of those who died thought to have been on the plane, rather than on the ground.

Colombian aviation authorities said that the plane was bound for Pizarro, having taken off from Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin.

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The twin-engine Piper PA-31 was carrying six passengers and two crew members are understood to have been on board, the Mirror reports.

The deaths were confirmed by the city’s mayor, Daniel Quintero, who added the plane had reported troubles with its engine before crashing.

It is understood to have broken up into three pieces following its collision, which is understood to have damaged seven buildings.

Pilot Julián Aladino, co-pilot Sergio Guevara Delgado and passengers Jorge Cantillo Martínez, Dubán Ovalle Quintero, Anthony Mosquera Blanquiceth, Pedro Pablo Serna, Melissa Pérez Cuadros and Nicolás Jiménez were all confirmed by Colombian authorities.

Taking to Twitter, Mayor Quintero said: "The accident was in the Belen Rosales area, all the relevant departments rushed to provide aid to the victims.

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“It was a Piper two-engine that was going from Medellin to the area of Choco in the municipality of Pizarro.

“Taking off it reported a motor failure and it did not manage to get back to Olaya Herrera airport."

Speaking to El Tiempo, an eyewitness said: "I saw when it took off from the runway, after 40 seconds I heard a loud noise and the motor went.

“He tried to turn, when the left motor went he tried to turn but he couldn’t because he was very low down”.

A second said: “The plane dropped very fast and after five second you could hear the crash, people started shouting and neighbours asked for help."

The Medellin fire service sent 15 fire units to respond to the incident.

It stated: “According to the facts, the plane crashed after taking off in the Belen neighbourhood of Medellin.

“Emergency teams from Olaya Herrera airport went to where it happened and verified the state of the victims.

“The civil aviation authority will give details about what happened when they are available.”

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