‘Drunks’ shout ‘big up Scarborough’ as they’re thrown off flight for smoking

'Drunk' passengers caught smoking were thrown off a Ryanair flight after shouting 'big up Scarborough'.

Police were called to assist the airline, due to leave Manchester Airport, so that the 'disruptive' passengers could be removed before the plane took off for the Moroccan city of Marrakech.

Other holidaymakers said the 'drunken' group were smoking on board, taking selfies to post on Snapchat, and shouting 'big up Scarborough. Who's from Scarborough?'

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The flight, which was due to take off around 6am on Saturday (September 17) , had to be delayed for nearly an hour as staff removed the passengers and their luggage.

One passenger told the M.E.N: "Flight at Mcr Airport to Marrakech delayed due to drunken women from Scarborough on board smoking and shouting. Thrown off – flight delayed while they look for luggage.

"They were taking selfies and putting them on Snapchat shouting 'big up Scarborough. Who's from Scarborough' across the whole plane."

A spokesperson for Ryanair confirmed that the flight was able to depart Manchester Airport with a delay of just under an hour, before safely arriving in Marrakesh.

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They said in a statement: "The crew of this flight from Manchester to Marrakech (Sept 17) requested police assistance ahead of departure after a small number of passengers became disruptive.

"These passengers were removed from the aircraft before it departed safely for Marrakech following a minor delay of 55mins."


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