Drunk teacher falls unconscious and topples off desk while pupils film and laugh

A drunk-looking teacher in Russia was filmed swaying on a desk before toppling backwards onto the floor in front of a class of laughing kids he was supposed to be teaching.

In the minute-long clip, which appears to have been filmed by a pupil on their phone, a man sits on desk while attempting to point forwards with a stick.

He rocks backwards and forwards while the children excitedly mutter about his odd behaviour.

Slurring something inaudible, the teacher then falls backwards off the desk and onto the floor – prompting the pupils to burst out laughing and stand up to take a closer look.

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He lies totally motionless with his mouth open as if unconscious and one of the students then remarks that their teacher might have actually died.

The incident was filmed at Public School No. 7 in the town of Aznakayevo in the south-western Russian republic of Tatarstan.

Shortly after the incident took place, the school’s leaders held a meeting with all the students present as well as their parents.

The drunk teacher has since been dismissed from the school, according to local media.

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“What a stupid man, like he didn’t even think that any of his students would film it," remarked a viewer of the video on social media.

"Why did he have to show up drunk like that at work? He could have easily called in sick and continued his party.”

A worried-sounding person commented: “This is just awful, how could something like this happen in school? What if there was an emergency that day, a fire or something, how can a man like that save the kids?”

Someone else joked: “If a handicraft teacher is in that kind of condition, I can only imagine how drunk the PT teacher must be!”

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