Drunk bloke joy-rode mum’s mobility scooter to McDonald’s with woman on the back

A drunk man who joy rode his step-mum's mobility scooter to McDonald's after a heavy night has been banned from driving.

Liam Smith, 20, was seen driving the three-wheeled e-scooter with a woman on the back towards a police car while heavily inebriated at 4am on January 14.

The incident took place at a retail park in Malvern, Worcestershire, with police noticing Smith staggering into the McDonald's just after his erratic driving.

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Police took him to a police station where he was breathalysed and he tested three times over the legal limit.

Appearing at Worcester Magistrates' Court on Friday (February 10), he pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was banned from driving for 23 months.

He was also fined £198 and ordered to pay costs of £135 as well as a victim surcharge of £79.

Fatima Yasmin, prosecuting, said: "Police were called to McDonald's in Three Counties Retail Park on January 14 this year at around 4am in the morning to an unrelated incident.

"While there police observed Smith driving the three wheel bike towards them at high speed.

"A female passenger was on the back.

"Neither were wearing a helmet.

"It came to a sudden stop.

"When Smith got off the bike he was unsteady on his feet, so police followed him into the fast food restaurant."

Smith had taken his step-mum's mobility e-scooter after getting peckish following a night of heavy drinking, the court heard.

Sam Lamsdale, defending, said: "It wasn't an e-scooter often driven by people of his age, but his step-mother's mobility aid bike he had permission to drive.

"If he had realised it was a criminal offence he wouldn't have parked next to a marked police vehicle.

"This is a young man who has never been in trouble before."

The defedant was offered the chance to take a drink drive awareness course, which would reduce the length of the ban if completed.

Smith, who the court heard had aspirations to join the Army, was told by the chairman of the bench: "If you are going to join the Army you need to think about your actions."

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