Driver with tax 13 years out of date caught after failing to renew in 4,676 days

A lazy driver was caught by police with tax that was an astonishing 13 years out of date.

Police in Ireland swooped on the motorist in Co Kildare and made them pull over.

They then discovered their tax was a staggering 4,676 days out of date.

Officers then impounded the car and the driver will be hit by action.

A Gardai spokesperson said on Twitter: "Naas Roads Policing Unit stopped a car at a checkpoint in Kill.

"A check using mobility App revealed that the Tax was out of date 4676 days ( nearly 13 years) car impounded.

"Proceedings to follow. The mobility project is an initiative under A Policing Service for the Future."

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Earlier today it was revealed car park accidents cost Brits £1.5billion a year.

A study revealed 11 per cent, or 3.74 million of all drivers, have seriously damaged their own car while looking for a space to park over the past 12 months.

On average they have been left with a whopping £396 repair bill to fix their mishap.

The research by SKODA UK revealed 40 per cent of drivers have hit a lamppost, tree or space divider in a car park.

Four in 10 of the 2,000 UK motorists polled also admitted they had accidentally hit another car with their door when they were getting out of their vehicle.

And over the past year the average driver has heard the painful sound of their wheels scraping against a kerb on two occasions – causing irritating scuffs and scratches on their alloys.

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