Driver outraged over £100 parking fine for ‘four-minute’ trip to chemist

A "four-minute" trip to the chemist cost one driver a lot more than the cost of a prescriptio after he was slapped with a £100 parking fine.

Phil Chester parked in a car park in Cambridge Avenue, Bottesford, Lincolnshire, while he went to collect a prescription – but came back to a three-figure fine.

He was told the spaces were solely for people using the Crystal News newsagents rather than any other nearby shops, but says he was the only person in the car park at the time.

Most of the Cambridge Avenue car park is owned by Crystal News.

Drivers who use the car park to visit any of the other nearby outlets – including the Mint Leaf Indian restaurant or the Lloyds Pharmacy – are subject to fines.

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This applies even if they also visit the newsagents.

Phil said: "I can't believe how fast it was – I walked the couple of yards to the chemists, went straight to the desk and when I came out I had already been given a ticket.

"One of the employees in the newsagents warned me that someone had been taking pictures of my car when I got back.

"A few days later, a fine turned up for £100.

"I had been there for a maximum of four minutes. I was the only person in the car park at the time as well."

Phil's fine will be reduced to £60 if he pays within 14 days.

Phil said: "I understand what they are doing is legal, but it seems pointless for them to enforce it for people parking here for a few minutes while it's empty.

"I'm not sure whether I will appeal it or pay the fine and get it over and done with."

In the space of 10 minutes, a reporter saw at least three people do the same thing as Phil, although none of them received tickets.

A Crystal News employee said: "The shop has had problems at night with people going to the restaurant and parking outside the newsagents instead.

"A parking firm was hired to stop this and they have started enforcing it more in the day as well.

"The tickets have nothing to do with the shop now, we don't give them out."

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Enforcement is carried out by Vehicle Control Services.

A representative for the company said: "The private car park is solely for use by customers of Crystal News whilst on the premises.

"This is clearly covered by the terms and conditions as set out on signage at the car park.

"We are satisfied that a parking contravention was correctly identified as the driver was observed walking away from the car park, heading for the pharmacy, and was therefore in breach of the advertised terms and conditions.

"The Parking Charge Notice provided details of what to do next, including our appeals process."

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