Donald Trump slammed: Pablo Escobar associate’s brutal take on President’s war on drugs

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The incumbent President Trump signed an Executive Order to build and reinforce a 450-mille border wall between the US and Mexico in 2017. He claimed that the area served as “a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs, including meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl”. The President claimed that 90 percent of drugs that cross into the US stem from the southern border. One critic of this approach to the war on drugs was Luis Antonio Navia, a former associate of Pablo Escobar, who spoke to During his 25 years as a drugs trafficker, he helped to smuggle more than 300 tonnes of cocaine, worth around £7.6billion, into the US.

Mr Navia helped leaders from some of the largest criminal organisations to smuggle drugs and detailed his accounts in a shocking new book. 

He met Columbian kingpin Pablo Escobar and worked alongside his infamous Medellín cartel – whose stories were fictionalised in the 2015 Netflix show Narcos. 

Mr Navia’s operations came to a halt in 2000 when he was caught as part of a 12-nation crackdown and served six of an 11-year prison sentence. 

Now the Florida resident claimed to advise governments and law enforcement teams around the world and penned his book Pure Narco, alongside journalist Jess Fink. 

In bold statements to, Mr Navia denounced President Trump and considered his border wall useless to combat criminal organisations. 

He said: “I think it’s a miracle that he can put on his tie straight, I mean what comes out of his mouth is craziness.

“He’s one big publicity stunt, a marketing guy who should have stayed on TV – I do not think he should have been in the White House, he is not the image we need as a President.”

When asked about President Trump’s efforts to curb the spread of drugs, he told “Are you nuts? Do you think the wall will stop drug trafficking? 

“I guess he doesn’t know about drug trafficking or doesn’t have good people around him.” 

In Pure Narco, Mr Navia detailed how the gangs would smuggle drugs into the US – mainly via sea, not over land. 

Instead of spending in excess of $11billion (£8.5billion) on the border wall – based on estimates by NPR – the former trafficker felt the money was best spent in healthcare and education. 

Mr Navia told “We need better social welfare programmes to take care of this because it is a medical problem. 

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“There will always be drugs, ships on sea will always be able to carry drugs to the US and flood the nation.

“I have other ideas about it, which are more complex, but we at least need to have better social welfare, better educational welfare and better schools. 

“By doing this kids will be in another frame of mind and will be away from wanting to do drugs.”

“Every year there are smaller educational budgets and bigger military budgets – how many times do we have to go to war?”

Mr Navia diminished the suggested threat of nuclear war or World War 3 and instead felt that funds should be redistributed.

He continued: “If we do not allocate more funds towards education our kids are going to pay the price.

“The war on drugs up until now has not worked, the results are obvious, so why continue with something that hasn’t worked? Do something different, change it around.”

Pure Narco: One Man’s True Story Of 25 Years Inside The Columbian And Mexican Cartels was published by Bonnier Books this month and is available here.

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