Dog who had throat slit by evil thugs undergoes incredible transformation

A brave dog who managed to escape a group of callous thugs who cornered it and started to cut his throat has made a tremendous recovery.

Canelo, 3, was found walking around the streets of Mexico with a huge gash on his neck following a brutal attack in December last year.

The poor pooch was discovered by shocked locals who noticed the open wound after he lifted his head from eating garbage.

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A spokesperson for pet shelter Mascotas Coyoacán told the Daily Star: "Canelo had a terrible wound on his neck.

"After a veterinary check-up we learned that it had no edges and had undoubtedly been provoked as well as being deep and already in poor condition.

"They had tried to cut his throat…

"We have no further knowledge of what he lived through before, but he clearly managed to escape from it.

"Those who found him protected him and looked for us to help him, but at that moment we were overwhelmed to take the case.

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"With the help of the Animal Surveillance Brigade of Mexico City he was initially attended to."

Canelo was eager to play with his rescuers which proved an issue due to the "critical" area of his injury.

"The wound had to be closed several times because with simple movements it would reopen," they said.

"However, thanks to wonderful teamwork, Canelo recovered.

"He had a temporary home where they loved him very much and today he is in a pension learning to be the best dog to find a forever home.

"Thanks to Liz, Jorge, Roberto, Azul, BVA, Dr. Vences and Rocío."

Mascotas Coyoacán described Canelo as a "friendly" and "affectionate" dog.

They said: "He is a very active dog, so the ideal would be a family that provides him with walks or games, or with whom he can go running.

"He is a very happy and affectionate dog, who has not been marked by the mistreatment he experienced and who trusts people despite everything."

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The shelter said it's "discouraging" to think about the number of other dogs who could have fallen victim to similar incidents.

"Canelo was like this on the street, and we don't know how many more dogs there are in that state, because that wound was made on purpose by a person," they added.

"To think of being alone, in pain, cold and hunger is very painful, and to think of how many others there are like this very discouraging."


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