Dog owner spends £11k to celebrate pet’s birthday using 520 drones in light show

A dedicated dog owner has spoiled her pet with love by putting an over-the-top light show to celebrate his 10th birthday.

The woman, from the city of Hunan in southern China, spent a whopping 100,000 yuan (£11,709) for a drone display to wish her poodle, Dou Dou, a very happy birthday.

Video went viral on the Chinese TikTok platform showing 520 drones lifting off from a football field in a grid shape behind the tiny dog.

The impressive light show features Xiao Dou popping out from a gift box and a Chinese message saying: "Wish Dou Dou a happy 10th birthday!"

The owner dresses her pet up in Christmas outfit featuring a Santa Claus hat and a green and red knitted collar.

She also prepares a birthday cake for the pooch. The tiny canine looked shocked by the birthday surprise.

One passer-by told a local newspaper: "I've seen marriage proposal drone display but I've never seen one with happy wishes to a dog.

"That is just bizarre. But I guess the owner must be a romantic."

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Mr Deng, who works at the drone rental company, said the owner wanted to "thank" her dog for staying by her side for the last 10 years.

"The drone display was about 30 minutes long and we also played the 'happy birthday' song in a dog bark sound," he added.

The lavish celebration has sparked a debate online and some viewers teased "the dog has a better life than everyone else".

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One commented: "I'm so jealous. The owner must be loving her dog so much!"

A second wrote: "That's such a waste a money – better donate it to animal charity than putting a drone show for herself."

"100,000 yuan for a dog's birthday celebration? I better reincarnate as a dog in my next life," a third joked.

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