Divers seen at Nicola Bulley search site after police ‘receive river tip-off’

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    Divers have arrived at the search site of missing mum Nicola Bulley after police are said to have received a tip-off from two walkers.

    Two police cars are said to have rushed to the scene less than a mile away from where Nicola, 45, was last seen almost three weeks ago on January 27.

    A man and woman were spotted pointing to a spot in the River Wyre as police drones and a helicopter began surveying the trees and undergrowth of said area.

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    Police are said to have sealed all roads leading to the tip-off spot and a "massive search" is underway, according to an eyewitness.

    That eyewitness, a photographer who spoke to The Mirror, said: "It all happened so fast. Police have sealed all the roads off. It's fair to say a massive search is underway."

    The force have since sealed off a nearby road after they received a call at around 11.50am earlier today.

    Lancashire Police had previously said that the missing mum was a "high risk missing person", with the recent tip-off triggering a massive search of the area Nicola was last seen.

    Searches began almost three weeks ago, with St Michael's on Wyre heaving with police presence as investigations into the disappearance have carried on.

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    Police have followed their leading theory that the mortgage advisor had fallen into the river while walking her dog, Willow, on the morning of January 27.

    Nicola may have fallen into the river in a "10-minute window" that police are looking into, with the 45-year-old's phone found just 20 minutes later on a bench overlooking the riverbank.

    Her dog was said to have been running loose at the scene and her phone was still connected to a work call.

    The Daily Star has contacted Lancashire Police for comment.

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