Diana lookalike claims strangers stop her as she’s ‘spitting image’ of princess

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A woman who thinks she looks like the doppelganger of Princes Diana claims that people stop her in the street to ask if she is the late-royal's daughter.

Sophie Eales, 24, a hairdresser, said that she changed her look in April, 2021, because she was “bored” with her look.

Having cut off most of her hair, she claims to have now turned herself into a “carbon copy” of Princess Diana.

Although she admits to not seeing the similarities herself, she claims that many people stop her for “hugs”.

The Bournemouth native said: “I wanted to change my whole style. I always had long hair and just thought, 'why not?'.

“I cut most of it off because I wanted layers. One thing led to another – and then I started going out.

“The amount of attention I get – people say, 'you look like Princess Diana – are you her daughter?'.

“I always say no – I know who my mum is! – but it's a nice compliment. I don't think I look like her. I just wanted a new look.

“It's like I can't move for the attention.

“I've woken up and my whole life has completely changed.”

Sophie said her first experience of being 'recognised' took place in a supermarket, while she was running errands.

“I was going to the shops for milk, and I was just standing in the queue. When I had paid there were some people behind me," she said.

“They were shocked – as I looked so much like Princess Diana. They said, 'has anyone ever told you?'.

“I was speechless.”

And, on another occasion, one teenager even asked Sophie for a hug because of her likeness.

She added: “I'm just an ordinary girl, but the confidence boost – I love it so much.

“Every time I wake up, I know the rollers have to go in and the hair has to be bouncy.”

Princess Diana, who died in 1997, was renowned for her haircuts, which inspired 'dos for a generation of women.

Her hairstylist Sam McKnight, 60, told British Vogue about how her famous 1990s look came about in an interview last year.

He said the princess asked him what he would do with her hair if she said do anything – so he told her he would "cut it all off and start again".

To his surprise, Lady Di said, "why don't you just cut it off now?" – and "that was it", Mr McKnight added.

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