Denver Issue 2E: City Council approval over mayoral appointees

This measure would require that Denver City Council approve mayoral appointees. Those appointed positions include the chief of police, sheriff, fire chief, city attorney, public health director, parks director, aviation director and the planning and development manager. The mayor would still select and oversee those appointees. Incumbent appointees serving when a new mayor is sworn in would still be subject to approval.

The case for: The change would provide a greater check on mayoral authority, council members have said. In addition, the council’s review process before its vote to approve or deny appointees would allow members to begin a relationship with those appointees.

The case against: Mayoral appointees report directly to the mayor and any intrusion on that process diminishes the mayor’s authority and slows the appointment process.

Ballot question: “Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to give City Council authority to consent to certain mayoral appointments?”

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