Delta mayor welcomes Massey safety upgrades but keeps pressure on tunnel replacement

Delta’s mayor says he’s happy to see money in the provincial budget to keep the aging George Massey Tunnel safe, but still wants to see the crossing replaced as soon as possible.

The NDP’s 2020 budget does not include a line item for the long-delayed replacement, instead promising a crucial update in this fall.

“The work is being done right now on the Massey crossing,” said Finance Minister Carole James, Tuesday.

“The business case will come forward this fall. There’s planning money, as you know. in the budget for that.”

Along with a business case, the province has set next fall as a deadline to decide the project’s scope, budget, delivery and schedule.

“I’ll be really expecting a line item a year from now in next year’s budget, if not, then we’re going to say, ‘hey, that was a promise made, but a promise not kept,’” said Mayor George Harvie.

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