Deliveroo customer left seething after rider texts ‘I eat this food, very tasty’

A hungry bloke looking forward to tucking into his Deliveroo takeaway was left gutted when he received an odd message from his driver admitting he had eaten the order and it was “very tasty”.

Liam Bagnall posted a photo of the bizarre interaction on Twitter, showing the delivery man sending a series of messages that simply read: “Sorry… I eat this… you can report the Deliveroo company.”

In response, Liam told him he was “an awful man” – before the driver responded by telling him: “I don’t care.”

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Taking to the social media site to moan about the incident, Liam wrote: “Deliveroo driver has gone rogue this morning.”

But he added: “Whilst I am fuming, I am extremely happy it happened… the confidence of the man.”

Liam, a former Don't Flop Entertainment battle rap creator, now works with former Premier League footballer Patrice Evra – and the former star has waded in on the Deliveroo saga.

He laughed: “I can’t believe it. Look at what Deliveroo did to my man. Deliveroo we need to talk.”

Deliveroo has since confirmed it is investigating the incident and said their Rider Operations Team would be looking into it.

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But raging Liam says he hasn’t been offered a refund to apologise for the chaos, and instead the food company just re-sent his food an hour later and asked him to fill out a form reporting their employee.

Thousands of Twitter users flocked to poke fun at Liam over the incident, with one person claiming: “That is a man at his wit's end with his job.”

Someone else wrote: “The sheer confidence, have to respect that, but he was indeed a very awful man.”

A third added: “I’m laughing now but I know if I was starving and already waited for the food I’d be livid.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Deliveroo for a comment.


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