Death of the £5 pint as Brit booze bosses warn £7 beers to become the new normal

The days of the £5 pint could well be over, with London prices here to stay nationwide, pub chiefs and beer barrons have warned.

Warnings have come in from brewers and industry leaders alike that the pint could be about to jump against the pound.

They cite increasing costs in the beer-making process, the removal of Liz Truss’ alcohol duty freeze and global issues as reasons that might mean pints may well sneak up ‘five to 10 per cent.’

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Tom Stainer, the chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale, or CAMRA, exclusively told the Daily Star that the price of a pint was about to increase.

“What we're certainly looking at is pubs having to cover increased costs and with the alcohol duty reversal that's going to perhaps add five or 10 per cent to the cost of pints," he said.

He explained that this was likely to be a problem felt nationwide, not just in places that traditionally have expensive beers anyway.

“Certainly, you could be looking at 50 pence or a pound on the pint in the next couple of months.”

At ground level, his sentiment was echoed even more alarmingly by Alan Mahon, founder and CEO of brewery Brewgooder, who felt that there was a ‘perfect storm’ formed by a mixture of the war in Ukraine, soaring inflation and tax problems.

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He said: “From what we are seeing, the pressures on the industry with cost price inflation challenges and the Chancellor's scrapping of the alcohol duty freeze might make a £7 pint the norm rather than the exception in many places – particularly in bigger cities.

“This is bound to make a pint a relative luxury for a lot of people, something we should all be concerned about and force us all to take stock of the challenges facing the beer industry.

“On the brewery side, raw material prices for the likes of wheat and barley are rising faster than the average rate of inflation, and consumers can perhaps understand that.

“What is less visible but equally as important is the things that don't often come to drinkers' minds when they think of what goes into beer – such as the eye-watering explosion in carbon dioxide prices which is 3000% higher than 12 months ago, on top of soaring energy prices, a pain everyone is feeling right now."

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