Dad spots daughter playing with ‘bug’ – then discovers it’s a massive tarantula

A dad was filmed screaming his head off when he saw his toddler girl playing with a massive spider.

David Lehman, from Tucson, Arizona in US, was enjoying a relaxing evening at home before he went to check on his 18-month-old daughter Blake.

Home security camera shows the little girl sitting on the patio by the swimming pool, innocently playing with an upturned coffee can.

The 36-year-old dad then casually walks over and asks her: "What are you doing Blake?"

The excited girl turns to her dad and gleefully replies: "Bug! Bug!"

David takes a look and notices it's a deadly tarantula.

The terrified parent lets out a scream, yelling: "What the hell?"

He pulls the chair away and tries to remove the coffee can but accidentally shoves his daughter, then picks her up and runs away from settee.

Poor Blake doesn't realise what is going on and starts to cry.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he calms his daughter while his elder son asks: "What is it? I wanna see."

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The father says: "It's a tarantula. Back up!"

David notices their family dog stepping onto the padded grass area and orders it to come over.

He recalled the shocking incident and said: "I was expecting a beetle, as it’s that season right now, so when I saw the tarantula I just thought 'get that gnarly thing away from my daughter!'

"I tried to hit the can out of her hand but I didn’t take into consideration her toddler death grip – when I hit the can away, she went with it!

“She landed on a padded grass area, the tarantula landed on her shoulder so I just grabbed her up into my arms.

"Once we calmed down, we eventually caught the spider and checked it out then set it free in the front yard.

"Blake isn’t phased and still loves exploring outside!"

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