Dad ‘murders wife after learning of affair on family Disneyland trip’

A mum-of-four was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband after he cut their family Disneyland trip short after accusing her of having an affair.

Melissa Molinari, from Long Island, was found dead wrapped in plastic on Thursday, nearly three weeks after her disappearance in New York.

The 38-year-old was allegedly stabbed 20 times by her husband Marcello Molinari after he learnt she had an affair, police said on Friday.

Her body was discovered in Rocky Point Pine Barrens State Forest by a cadaver dog and her husband was arrested the same day.

Suffolk County Police Detective Kevin Beyrer said an initial examination of her body revealed "homicidal violence and multiple sharp force injuries," reports Fox News.

On Friday, Molinari was arraigned on one count of second-degree murder in First District Court in Central Islip.

The 43-year-old reportedly told police that the couple were "having marital issues over allegations of infidelity" and were speaking about a possible divorce.

Melissa was last seen at her home in Centereach on November 21 but she wasn't reported missing until December 2 by her friend.

Marcello allegedly told authorities that Melissa had stormed out of their home on November 22, after they had an argument. He said she returned with an unknown male to pack a bag.

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The couple shared four children together and Marcello has another child from a previous relationship.

Detective Beyrer said: "This is a tragic case.

"There are five kids. All the lives that were destroyed in this. It's just a terrible story."

The father's attorney, Christopher Gioe, said he fully cooperated with the police and maintains his innocence.

Gio commented: "It's a very circumstantial case.

"He was shocked he was charged with murder."

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