Dachshund puppy slides into pool after trying to climb up slope

A playful dog has melted hearts of social media viewers when he found a unique way to get into the pool.

TikTok user, @cadee_pfefferman1, caught her black pooch getting a dip into the pool on camera.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 1 million times, Barry the dachshund puppy is standing at the edge of a water slide and looking confused as owner Cadee shouts: "What are you doing, buddy?"

The short-legged puppy turns around and starts walking up the giant slope.

"He's trying to get back up," she giggles. "Oh, there he goes!"

As he reaches mid-way, Barry appears to have slipped and lost its footing. He comes sliding all the way down the slope and eventually drops into the pool with a splash.

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Cadee couldn't stop laughing while watching the mishap unfolds.

But the adorable pooch finds his owner and starts propelling his tiny legs and wagging his tail and swims towards her.

Viewers commented the way Barry swam in the water and said it's "the cutest thing ever".

One said: "His tail turned into a motor!"

"I can't stop watching this…Bless Barry," a second viewer wrote.

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  • A third added: "That is so funny, omg, made me laugh hard I love this video, never seen this before. It the cutest thing ever!"

    Meanwhile, another dachshund dog also enjoyed dipping into water as he learnt how to tell his owners he wants to get a bath.

    Video showed the dog, named Monty, barking at the bathroom while he stands outside to tell his owner that he wanted to go for a wash.

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