Crack British troops prepare for post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style world

The latest Royal Marines exercise has seen them protecting a truck carrying precious oil supplies, envoking images of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style world.

The Royal Marines said in a statement that the exercise is designed to test soldiers' ability to support helicopters in the field during battle.

During the exercise at Merryfield in Somerset was "dominated by the rattle of gunfire, the clatter and rumble of heavy vehicles, and the smell of burned aviation fuel," the statement continued.

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The Aviation Combat Service Support Squadron is unique in the UK Armed Forces, expected to meet most of the needs of Merlin and Wildcat helicopters when operating in the field.

The crack squad are tasked with providing fuel, food, spare parts, ammunition, medical care, ground transportation – effectively all the logistical support required, bar engineering.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "Imagine heavily-armed armoured vehicles attempting to form a ring of steel around an Oshkosh tanker filled with fuel, roaring down a wide highway.

"Not a scene from post-apocalyptic Mad Max movies, but Royal Marines testing their ability to support helicopters in the field.

"For five days the relatively quiet airfield at Merryfield in Somerset was dominated by the rattle of gunfire, the clatter and rumble of heavy vehicles, and the smell of burned aviation fuel as personnel in a small, highly-specialised unit demonstrated their collective abilities."

The five days of training rolled into Exercise Junglie Defender tested both experienced and new members of the squadron in their ability to move, blend in and hide ('mobility, camouflage and concealment') in rural and urban environments.

As with the rest of the Commando Helicopter Force, the squadron is expected to go whether the Royal Marines go: jungle, desert, Arctic, as well as temperate climes like Somerset.

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Although it's high summer, it's got eyes firmly fixed on the force's winter deployment to Norway which culminates with the major NATO Arctic exercise, Nordic Response (previously known as Cold Response).

Assessors are looking for a combination of skills, imagination, safety, diligence and professionalism.

Captain Alan Hunter RM said: "The Forward Refuelling Point capability is constantly evolving to current and novel threats, through innovative solutions and deep knowledge of the tactical employment of the kit and equipment we use."

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