Coward Putin vanishes ‘to secret forest palace with personal beauty parlour’

Vladimir Putin has suddenly vanished on holiday as he faces a new wave of protests against the calling up of military reservists to fight in the invasion of Ukraine.

He is thought to have scuttled off to a secret palace in northern Russia after his speech promising to conscript his countryman to the failing war effort.

There has been increasing unrest over his mobilisation of civilian reservists in multiple cities across the country.

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Hundreds of thousands of men have now been conscripted for military training before they are due to be sent to the war zone.

Meanwhile, thousands have attempted to flee Russia, with huge traffic jams forming on the Russian border with Georgia.

Riot police have detained over 650 protesters in Moscow and St Petersburg as internal misgivings about the war continue to grow.

Putin is rumoured to have disappeared to a palace in the forest at Valdai in the face of such widespread anger over his recent announcements on calling up reserve soldiers.

Journalist Farida Rustamova has claimed that Putin is releasing pre-recorded footage of him working and hosting meetings with officials.

Rustamova said a trusted source told her "since last Wednesday evening (September 21), Putin has been resting body and soul in his residence in Valdai in the Novgorod region”.

The residence apparently consists of a three-story spa complex with a beauty parlour nicknamed the “temple to his asceticism”.

There are also two floors underground with a large cryo chamber for cold training therapy, and a 7,000 square metre relaxation facility.

Jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s team also say: “There is a fully equipped cosmetologist's office, next to a dentist's surgery.”

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The estate has been snapped by drone footage, which also revealed a stable, golf course, mini-golf course, VIP restaurant with a cinema, bowling, a billiard room and even a mini-casino.

The Kremlin meanwhile denied Putin was on holiday.

The home is close to important Orthodox churches which Putin is known to have visited in times of crisis crisis during his 23 years as president and prime minister.


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