COVID-19: 16 U.S. evacuees from Japanese cruise ship moved to hospitals

Eleven Americans who were brought to the U.S. from a quarantined cruise ship have been moved to hospitals, because delayed Japanese test results showed they had the new virus that caused an outbreak in China, officials said Thursday.

Five other people from the ship have shown symptoms of the virus and have also been taken to hospitals, said Scott Pauley, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman.

The patients had all been staying at Travis Air Force Base in California since being flown to the U.S. over the weekend. Pauley said test results for the cruise ship passengers have continued to trickle in from Japan even after their return to the U.S.

None of the 16 newly hospitalized former passengers had confirmed CDC tests, so the federal agency was not saying they were positive for coronavirus.

Four of the ex-passengers were being brought to a hospital in Spokane, Washington, officials said. Pauley declined to say where the others were taken.

Two patients arrived at the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane on Thursday in satisfactory condition with two more expected soon, said Christa Arguinchona, who manages the hospital’s special isolation unit. The hospital is one of 10 in the nation funded by Congress to treat new or highly infectious diseases.

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