Couple jailed after husband ‘plied minor with MDMA and filmed rape on cameras’

A husband and wife have been handed 60-year and 20-year jail sentences respectively for shocking crimes relating to the sexual abuse of children aged between seven and 16.

Stephen A Wilson, 39, and Jessica A Wilson, 38, from the US city of Bexley in Ohio, have signed plea agreements with federal prosecutors.

The former has pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Jessica Wilson, meanwhile, pleaded guilty to one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography after three victims had given evidence for the trial.

Prosecutors stated in a press release that Stephen Wilson had "sexually abused at least three minors between the ages of seven and 16" from 2016 to 2021.

They also made reference to the cameras and mobile phone that Wilson used in his home to create videos and images of the abuse he carried out, before describing how he drugged one of his victims with alcohol and ecstasy and raped her "while she was semi-conscious-to-unconscious".

That assault was recorded in a 22-minute video found by police and further footage showed Wilson filming his penis near the face of a seven-year-old child, while he showed the victim minor adult pornography of himself and Jessica Wilson.

Federal authorities said Wilson "created hundreds of still images from the videos of him sexually assaulting minors" and "possessed hundreds of child pornography images depicting the abuse of children as young as toddler age".

They also wrote that he "possessed at least 25 images in which he had photoshopped his genitalia onto images of minor children, including prepubescent and toddler-aged females, to give the effect of those children engaging in sexual activity with him".

Explaining Jessica Wilson’s charges, the authorities added: "Jessica was present for or aware of the sexual assaults that were perpetrated by Stephen.

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"She and Stephen continued to engage in conversations about the sexual assaults of the minor children, exchanging still images of the videos that Stephen had created and fantasising about them together.

"On several occasions, Jessica exchanged numerous files of child pornography with Stephen, discussing those files at length in text conversations and even seeking advice from Stephen on where she could access child pornography online.

"Thousands of text messages were recovered between the two of them, during which the Wilsons exchanged pornographic images of victims as young as one to eight months old."

Jessica Wilson's attorney informed the court that the defendant was sexually abused for five years in her own youth.

The couple married when Jessica Wilson was 17 and have had six children together.


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