Coroner halts inquest so that jury members can watch England play in World Cup

An inquest into a death was brought to a halt today (Monday, November 11) so that members of the jury could cheer on the England national team in their World Cup 2022 opener against Iran in Qatar.

Proceedings investigating how a 27-year-old man died were stopped from 12.45pm until 3pm by Oliver Longstaff, area coroner for West Yorkshire, so everyone could show their support for the Three Lions.

He admitted his call “may not be to everyone’s taste” after discharging the six men and women of the jury.

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But explained that he had received requests from jury members who wanted to watch the footie and said he wanted to “keep them onside”.

“But hopefully those who are in favour of the decision outnumber those who aren’t,” Longstaff added.

Coroners courts usually break for lunch around 1pm and resume hearing evidence at 2pm, but made an exception today with millions around England glued to the TV to watch the huge tournament opener.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, nobody raised any objections to the decision in the court room.

Addressing the court before the inquest, he said he felt minded to grant the request as long as there was a natural break in evidence as he’d rather jury members were “fully focused” on the hearing.

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The dedication of the England fans is sure to impressive notorious psychic Uri Geller, who claimed that if the nation’s supporters “seize the responsibility” of religiously cheering on the Three Lions the squad will be sure to win the tournament.

Uri, who was investigated by the CIA over his supposed psychic powers, told the Daily Star that it is up to England fans to make sure their team triumphs in Qatar to end 56 years of hurt.

Although he called for fans to repeat target words in their mind and visualise winning the tournament, he did stop short of saying inquests should be postponed – but the world-famous spoonbender is likely to be pleased with the news anyway.

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