Coronavirus: Trudeau creates new Cabinet committee to tackle COVID-19 outbreak

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday that he has created a new Cabinet committee to tackle the new coronavirus.

In a news release issued Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s office said the committee will “complement the work being done by the Incident Response Group” and will meet regularly to “ensure whole-of-government leadership, coordination and preparedness for a response to the health and economic impacts of the virus.”

According to the release, the committee will continue the measures already taken by the government to limit the spread of the virus.

The novel coronavirus was first detected in China’s Hubei province late last year. In the months since, the disease caused by the virus, COVID-19, has infected more than 90,000 people across the globe, and has killed more than 3,100.

In Canada, 30 cases of the virus have been confirmed, with 20 cases reported in Ontario, nine in B.C. and one in Quebec.

In a statement on Wednesday, Trudeau said the government is taking the spread of COVID-19 “seriously,” and the government and health officials are “working tirelessly” to keep Canadians safe.

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