Coronavirus shock: Man went on bar crawl after diagnosis ‘I am going to spread the virus’

The shocking tale is the latest example of people selfishly ignoring advice to self-isolate, despite rising concern about the escalating outbreak. The latest figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO) put the total number of cases worldwide at 105,586, of which 80,859 are in mainland China, with 3,100 deaths. In the UK, the figure as of 9am today was 319, up 46 on yesterday, with three deaths.

In the latest incident, the man, aged in his 50s and living in Gamagori City in Japan, had been sent home last Wednesday after tests confirmed he was infected with disease, and told to stay there pending medical treatment.

However, he instead opted to take a taxi to a nearby bar, Fuji News Network reported.

Before leaving, he told a relative: “I am going to spread the virus.”

Upon leaving the first bar, he headed for a second, bragging to fellow drinkers: “I tested positive for the coronavirus.”

A member of staff immediately tipped off health officials, who in turn notified police.

Officers wearing hazmat suits arrived at the scene, only to discover the man had returned home, once again, by taxi.

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The member of staff commented: “I can’t get this straight in my head. I cannot express it in words since I only have anger.”

The man, who showed no symptoms of the virus, was tested since both of his parents, with whom he lives, had been confirmed with the virus.

Both bars are undergoing a deep-clean, with staff and customers now being tested, while the man has now been hospitalised.

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Gamagori mayor Toshiaki Suzuki said: “It is highly regrettable that he did not remain home as instructed.”

Japan currently has 455 cases, excluding the 696 on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Yokahama, with six deaths.

The previous week, it was reported an employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre in New Hampshire in the United States likewise ignored medical advice to self-isolate and instead headed to a crowded music venue.

Students were told of the possible exposure in an email sent out by the university last Tuesday, revealing a man, who had come down with flu-like symptoms after a trip to Italy and who later tested positive for coronavirus, had attended the mixer event held for students at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business on February 28.

Jake Leon, communications director for the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, said: “The individual is complying now.”

Public Health England last month published a set of guidelines entitled ‘Advice for home isolation’.

This states: “You or the person you are caring for should remain in your home, except for getting medical care.

“Do not go to work, school, or public areas, and do not use public transport or taxis until you have been told that is safe to do so.

“You will need to ask for help if you require groceries, other shopping or medications. Alternatively, you can order by phone or online.

“The delivery instruction needs to state that the items are to be left outside, or in the porch, or as appropriate for your home.” has contacted the Department for Health and Social Security to ask if there are any sanctions currently in place for people who refuse to self-isolate.

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