Coronavirus: Opting for grocery delivery in Winnipeg? Time slots are limited

If you’re hoping to skip out on the long lines at Winnipeg grocery stores by opting for delivery during the coronavirus pandemic, you might want to consider how long you could be waiting.

As of Thursday, Save-On-Foods and Instacart, which does delivery for chains like Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore and Wholesale Club, are showing their next available delivery date as March 31.

On the Save-On-Foods website, a note to customers asks anyone who is able to shop in stores to do that and leave the delivery option for seniors and the most vulnerable.

Locally owned Downtown Family Foods said it is currently taking delivery orders for the next day.

Many stores, even the ones without a delivery option, are now opening early for seniors to get in before the rush.

There are also limits on how much of certain popular products, like eggs, milk and toilet paper, each person can buy at a time.

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