Coronavirus latest: US expert forced school Trump AGAIN as he risks spreading vaccine lies

The US President came to the conclusion that a vaccine to prevent coronavirus cases could be ready in three months, which was quickly corrected by one of his top public health officials in Monday’s cabinet meeting. However, this wasn’t the last time Trump had to be corrected as many fear the president could be spreading worryingly inaccurate information.

The US President appeared to misunderstand drug company executives’ statements about their plans to test possible vaccines multiple times which lead to worrying miscommunications.

During a Cabinet Room meeting with top pharmaceutical industry executives, the president said he has heard a vaccine could be ready in just three or four months.

However, despite being corrected multiple times during the meeting, Trump had to be briefed once again yesterday evening.

Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci previously told reporters getting a vaccine properly tested, cleared and distributed likely would take one year, not three months.

It seems Trump’s confusion over vaccines has continued after CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted that expert Dr. Tony Fauci was forced to explain to Trump how long it takes to develop vaccines once again.

Fauci briefed the President repeatedly on vaccine timeframes, and did so again at the start of an event at the National Institute of Health, infectious diseases.

He cited past examples using other viruses and the timeline for developing those vaccines.

This comes after top US health experts and pharmaceutical bigwigs spent hours explaining this to him in a meeting.

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During the meeting, several of the experts and the pharmaceutical industry CEOs had to explain to the president time and again that they cannot necessarily rush a vaccine on to the market, CNN reported.

The vaccine misunderstanding isn’t the first time Mr Trump contradicted his leading health officials on coronavirus information.

both Trump and the officials have previously issued different messages about the potential severity of the disease.

Trump also had different ideas about the likelihood that a significant number of cases is inevitable in the United States.

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There are growing that the Trump administration is trying to cover up the real number of coronavirus cases in the US.

Fears began to grow after the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) stopped publishing the number of tests that have been given for COVID-19 from its website.

The discrepancy was picked up by an eagle-eyed social media user, Judd Legum, who immediately posted his observations to Twitter.

He wrote: “BREAKING: The CDC has stopped disclosing the number of Americans tested for coronavirus.

“On the left is how the website looked last night.

“On the right is what it looks like now, with the testing info removed.

“The lack of testing is a scandal. This is the coverup.”

This has led to speculation that the CDC has been ordered by the Trump administration to hide the fact that few tests are being done.

The fewer tests carried out inevitably makes it more difficult to gain an accurate picture of the true scale of the problem, and potentially creates a false perception that the virus is limited in number and location.

Last Thursday, the US President announced that Vice-President Mike Pence would assume the role of coronavirus Czar, as he sought to calm fears about the spread of the virus.

Trump insisted that the US was “very, very ready for anything” and would even put large cities into lockdown if necessary.

He said his administration was prepared to spend whatever it took to stop the virus and had asked Congress for $2.5 billion in extra funding.

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