Coronavirus: Hamilton reduces HSR service amid COVID-19 outreak

The City of Hamilton will be dialing down HSR service amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Paul Johnson, general manager of Healthy and Safe Communities, said starting next Monday — and until further notice — the HSR will be operating on a Saturday schedule from Monday through Saturday.

There will be no change to service levels on Sundays and DARTS service is not being altered.

Johnson says the changes are necessary due to uncertainty about staffing levels.

“This change in service is to ensure that we can provide a predictable and reliable transit service,” said Johnson. “Albeit it will be a slightly less frequent service in our community.”

The revised schedule will be posted by Friday, March 20, and Johnson is urging residents to plan accordingly for Monday.

The city has also announced that it will be hosting a virtual one-hour town hall on Wednesday at 7 p.m. to answers questions from the public about the outbreak.


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