Coronavirus doctors will be ‘forced to make life-or-death decisions in days’

Hospitals will need to make "life and death decisions" very soon according to doctor and MP Rosena Allin-Khan amid the coronavirus crisis.

Dr Allin-Khan has warned that frontline medical staff are frightened of the rising number of cases and deaths, which will increasingly lead them to make difficult decisions.

She told BBC Radio 4: "Heart-wrenching and unenviable choices need to be made in the situation that we don't have any ventilators (left).

"In a matter of days or a couple of weeks we will be having to make life-and-death decisions, impossible decisions, over who gets the last ventilator."

She also discussed how hospitals are having to care for younger patients in their 30s and 40s who are critically ill.

Dr Allin-Khan is a frontline worker, currently at St George's Hospital in the A&E department, which is "full to the brim with coronavirus patients."

She said: "In the emergency department we are on the front line, and what we are seeing is a growing number of cases that are growing day by day.

"Some of the sickest patients… have been young, we have patients who have been in their 30s and 40s, who were previously fit and well and who are now in intensive care and fighting for their lives.

"Staff are frightened, they are frightened for their health, for those they may love

"Of course we are scared, we're scared we're going to lose patients but we are mentally strong, as emergency nurses and doctors we are built for this."

She added she feared for the future if social distancing was not taken seriously: "We are headed for a disaster if people do not heed the social distancing measures,

"This is only going to get worse and there's a real sense it's only going to get harder and harder in the coming weeks."

Brits have been forced into a national shutdown after refusing to adhere to government advice on social distancing.

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