Coronavirus: 21 cases of virus confirmed on cruise ship with 237 Canadians

A cruise ship carrying 237 Canadians that is being held in the waters off San Francisco has 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Princess Cruises issued a statement late Friday saying the first phase of health screenings aboard the Grand Princess included 45 passengers and crew.

So far, two passengers and 19 crew members have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The company did not disclose the nationalities of those infected.

There are 3,533 people aboard the ship, including 2,422 passengers and 1,111 crew from 54 countries.

“The ship’s doctor is in the process of informing the guests and crew of their individual results,” the statement said. “All guests and affected crew will remain isolated in their rooms.”

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence later issued a statement from the White House saying American officials are planning to bring the ship to a “non-commercial port,” where all the passengers and crew will be tested.

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