Cops bring in extra dive squad in river search for missing Nicola Bulley

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    Lancashire Police has called in extra divers to help with the search for missing mum Nicola Bulley,

    Bulley was walking her dog when she went missing on Friday, January 27, near the River Wyre in Lancashire.

    She had dropped her children off at school that morning before taking the family pup, Willow, on a walk.

    Ms Bulley, whose phone was found at the scene of her disappearance and logged into a work conference, is now believed to have approached the river.

    According to The Mirror, forensics expert Peter Faulding, who runs Specialist Group International, offered his services to Lancashire Police in their ongoing search for the mum.

    SPI already operate as the underwater search team for police forces across the south west but had their offer rejected initially – It has now been accepted.

    When his offer was initially rejected – despite please from the family to police to accept it – Mr Faulding tweeted: "Unfortunately, Lancashire police have responded via the family declining my offer saying they will continue with their own river searches using their current resources let us know if we are required.

    "This potentially adds further delay when all hands on deck are required to help Nicola’s grieving family, either to find her or definitively rule the river out.

    "Time is of the essence and I would like to state that my offer to assist in the search is not in an attempt to take over or criticise what the police are doing. Its purely to bring extra valuable resources to this difficult search for the good of the family.

    "We are the official underwater search team for Essex Kent Surrey Sussex Thames Valley and Hampshire police forces so therefore we are not amateurs and have a proven track record for locating missing persons quickly."

    And just minutes after his offer being accepted, he said he is now working "closely with the police search team".

    He added: ""The team are leaving shortly from our base in Dorking on route to Lancashire to start tomorrow morning. #NicolaBulley."

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