Cop killer given second life sentence for attacking guard with ‘deadly’ weapon

A cop killer has been slapped with a second life sentence after he attacked a prison guard with a "deadly" handmade weapon.

David Bieber, 56, used a pronged iron bar to repeatedly stab Alison Smith during a 10-second "frenzied" attack at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

The former US marine and bodybuilder said he hoped the ambush would help him score a transfer back to HMP Belmarsh in London.

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The "unprovoked" attack took place in August 2017, whilst he was serving a life sentence for the murder of PC Ian Broadhurst whom he shot dead.

He was also sentenced for the attempted murder of two of his colleagues.

The officer was killed in Leeds at point-blank range on Boxing Day 2003, as he and other officers checked on a suspected stolen car.

He was cleared of her attempted murder but convicted of wounding with intent and having an unauthorised weapon, Birmingham Live reports.

Appearing for sentence on Tuesday (November 22), the ex-marine alleged that the officer had cut his painkilling medication.

Judge Nicholas Cartwright told him it had been “a planned attack, with a weapon, on a wholly innocent prison officer”.

The judge ruled Bieber was a dangerous offender, already serving a life sentence for murder.

He said he had read a recent probation report which concluded he was of “very high risk of harm” to prison officers and – if ever released – the public.

The court heard how he grabbed Ms Smith around the neck from behind and “launched a frenzied attack, punching out at her face with the handhold of the weapon, and trying repeatedly to stab her in the face”.

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“During the attack, you said you would kill her – after the attack saying you just wanted your meds,” the judge told him.

“(This was) a planned attack, with a weapon, on a wholly innocent prison officer, only carried out because you hoped to achieve a transfer (to another jail) by means of your actions.

"Your victim was obviously vulnerable,” he added. “She was in a locked corridor with you behind and a number of other inmates in front. She was isolated and significantly smaller than you – you are a tall and well-built man.

“The attack has resulted in her suffering a permanent psychological medical condition, having a substantial and long-term effect on her ability to carry out day-to-day activities, and work. A life sentence must follow.”

Fixing the minimum term, Judge Cartwright told Bieber: “That sentence will begin and run from the date on which your existing minimum term is to end – namely January 1, 2041. The effect is that your overall minimum term will rise from 37 to 43 years.”

Bieber, who had a “trusted role” as a cleaner at the time of the attack, denied attempted murder, an alternative charge of wounding and the charge relating to the weapon.

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The court heard other officers quickly came to Ms Smith’s aid after she screamed, restraining Bieber and disarming him.

She was later treated in hospital for cuts to her mouth and chin and four wounds to her right arm.

Ms Smith said at a previous hearing the attack had been “life-changing” and left her in constant pain.

The former kickboxer was hunted by US police for eight years before he shot PC Broadhurst.

The bodybuilding fanatic is also accused of paying a hitman to kill a love rival in Florida in 1995 and would face extradition if he was ever deemed safe to be granted parole in the UK.


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