Condos under construction go up in flames in Transcona

A condo building under construction caught fire Sunday morning, sending up flames and smoke that could be seen for blocks.

Winnipeg firefighters were called to the Crocus Gardens condo complex on Philip Lee Drive in Transcona at about 5:50 a.m. As of 7 a.m. the fire was considered a two-alarm fire, meaning two standard crews were on scene.

The building burned to the ground.

Listeners told 680 CJOB that ash and embers were falling nearby.

The City of WInnipeg confirmed crews were on site and asked people to avoid the area. They are expected to release more information later Sunday.

According to the condo complex’s website, the development consisted of four buildings, some of which are still under construction. There will be 232 units when the complex is complete.

Derek Balcaen of the United Firefighters of Winnipeg highlighted the similarity between this building fire and one on Pembina Highway in December.

“This really highlights the dangers of some of these construction site fires,” he said.

“When buildings aren’t complete, when suppression systems are not in place, when you’re dealing with -35 windchill conditions like we are this morning, it sure makes for some trying and difficult conditions for our firefighters out there.”

There was no indication if anyone was hurt, but it was still early in the investigation, said Balcaen.

Two listeners reported to 680 CJOB they heard a loud bang at about the same time the fire started and that propane tanks were on site, but Balcaen said he couldn’t confirm any specific cause.

“We certainly advise people to stay out of the area, stay out of the way of first responders and fire crews that are working at the scene.”

  • With files from Skylar Peters and Clay Young.

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