Completely naked bloke rescued after falling 300ft in a ravine and getting stuck

A teen has been rescued after falling down a 300ft-deep ravine in Brazil, leaving emergency responders confused as to why he was found wearing no clothes.

The 19-year-old had fallen between two cliffs at the Mestre Alvaro nature reserve in Brazil and had got stuck, out of reach from the public.

He was discovered on September 7 – after being reported missing that morning – when a passer-by heard his shouts for help, with a rescue operation launched shortly after.

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He came from the nearby city of Vila Velha, around 18 miles from the reserve, and was thought to have attended the area with friends.

However, after his rescue, he was unable to recall why he was naked or how he had got to the reserve.

Emergency responders managed to bring the man to safety with a helicopter rescue basket.

He was taken to the Jayme Santos Neves State Hospital, where he was placed under observation and treated for signs of hypothermia and injuries to his body.

Of his rescue, the fire department said: "A team was sent to the scene and they found the victim in a crack between two cliffs, unable to get out and out of the team’s reach."

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Major Pablo Angely Marques, of the Brazilian Air Force, added: "We found him at a point that was very difficult to access, with risk of him falling at any moment.

"We had to use a helicopter rescue basket. He was between 80 and 100 metres down."

He added: "He couldn’t explain why he was naked. He claimed he couldn’t remember how he got there, but presumed he went to the area with friends."

During the rescue process, the man was conscious throughout and is reported to still be recovering after the incident in the state of Espirito Santo.


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