CN Rail layoffs will ‘further complicate’ tangled supply chain, industries say

Blockades across Canada’s railway system have choked branches of the supply chain for two weeks. Now, industries are facing a new hurdle — the layoffs of hundreds of CN Rail workers.

It wasn’t very long ago that supply chain industries were grappling with similar circumstances.

“Our last situation like this was the CN Rail strike in November. That was an eight-day long strike and it took us over a month to recover, if not more,” Joel Neuheimer, vice-president of international trade and transportation for the Forest Products Association of Canada, told Global News.

While the situation feels familiar, for many industries, the impacts are only adding to a pile of issues tangling the rail system.

“Given that we’re in day 13 of the blockade now, it’s going to take at least twice that to recover, given all the different aspects, including these new layoffs.”

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