City of Kelowna says annual road repair program starting soon

The City of Kelowna says with spring nearing, residents will soon see road crews out in force.

Fixing potholes is an annual post-winter rite in Canada, even in the Okanagan, where Jack Frost’s cold reach is considered light when compared to other regions across the nation.

Crews, though, won’t be just filling potholes; they’ll also be making some major upgrades as well to some local streets.

On Friday, the city said it will be spending $3.7 million between May and September to repair approximately 15 kilometres of roads.

“With an average of 350,000 vehicle trips made in Kelowna on an average weekday, the city’s roads endure a lot of stress,” said Bruce Dacre, who is with the city’s roads program.

“Due to factors, such as water drainage and seasonal temperature changes, many roads are in need of some extra TLC every year.”

Dacre added that the city has “already started preparing select road segments by cleaning, sweeping, sealing cracks, flushing and completing some minor shoulder repairs.

“Residents will be notified when resurfacing work will begin in their area.”

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