Christmas ‘miracle’ kitten preparing for first festive season with new family

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A kitten dubbed a
miracle after being saved from certain death at a recycling plant, is now loving life and looking forward to Christmas, one year on from the horrendous experience.

Shelby, a tabby thought to have been born to a feral cat, was found on the convener belt of the plant in Hartlepool alongside his brother Arthur.

Both were found with their eyes closed and umbilical cords attached.

RSPCA inspectors took the two kittens to a vets surgery where nurse Pippa Young, 27, took them home for round-the-clock care.

Sadly, Arthur didn't survive much longer, passing at just five weeks on in February.

But brother Shelby is loving live, alongside her own pet cocker spaniel.

Tragically Arthur passed away at five weeks old in February, but a year on Shelby is thriving with Pippa and her cocker spaniels.

Recalled that horrendous day, Pippa said: “I’m forever taking animals home to foster them or wildlife which needs feeding and releasing.

“But I knew that I couldn’t bear to be parted with Shelby and he’ll be staying for good.

“He is a real character.

“As he lost his brother so young he’s grown up mostly with our dog, Buddy, but he acts more like a dog than a cat.

“He’s so loving and constantly wants your attention and, as soon as he has it, he purrs his head off.

“I can’t sit down anywhere without him jumping on my lap for a head smoosh.”

Shelby's brother Arthur died due to several complications, including abscesses, trouble feeding, tummy upsets and eye infections.

Shelby was neutered and tested for some of the same issues his brother had, but has thankfully been given the all clear and the family, dogs Buddy and Bullseye included, are looking forward to their first Christmas together.

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